April 7, 2009

Cherry Blossoms and Cupcakes

Cherry Blossoms and Cupcakes, 2 things that Washington D.C. is an expert on.  The Blossoms were breathtaking but there were TOO many people (and I live in NYC).  It was almost impossible to get a picture without a stranger in it.

The cupcake places were all over the place.  My favorite was the Georgetown Cupcake (pictured below). My children have a tendency of kicking delicate things (like cupcake boxes) hence the 2 fallen victims at the end. The line to get into the bakery rivals the line at Magnolia Bakery but the cupcakes kick Magnolia's butt ten times over.  So if you're in the area, definitely hit it up.

Another spot that was good was Hello Cupcake.  They tasted homemade but were out of most of their flavors when we got there.  My favorite was the chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream - YUM.  So if you're on the east coast and you want cupcakes, or Cherry Blossoms,  definitely drop into DC.  You won't be let down. 

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